About Us

We stand on the shoulder of giants. We do not shy away from looking into successful brands and products, find out what makes them great, and find ways to improve them.


Premium Swede offers the highest quality beauty products made from the best ingredients at affordable prices. We test all our products for safety. Everything in our lineup is hypoallergenic and can be used on every skin type. We are a young UK company operating out of Sweden, UK and Germany.


It is our desire that our customers know what they are getting and are getting what they are paying for.


We have people working round the clock to ensure that our customers can reach us anytime they need to.

Timely Delivery

Our distribution channel is through Amazon Prime ehich ensures our customers get our products in the fastest way possible.


Our products are priced so that anyone, from beginners to professionals, can afford them without breaking the bank.

Our Team

We are composed of passionate, hardworking, and fun-loving individuals with focus on continuously improving our products and services. We love listening to feedback and ideas from our raving customers. 

Our Gallery

Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured

Our HiStory

We are pioneers and innovators starting our own history. Since the
company’s inception in 2014, we have experiemented a lot and still do.  

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PREMIUMSWEDE LTD, 24 Katrine Place, Milton Keynes MK2 3DW, United Kingdom. Phone: +441908011592. E-mail: info@premiumswede.com